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Top 5 Best Digital Cameras Under 10000 Rs in India

Loving photography and camera will help you get into the passionate thing and hobby, and hence having a good DSLR or digital camera can help. You can take good pictures, and this will make you interested in this idea. Buying one will give you confidence, and so if you are looking for a camera with a beginner level, then check out the options below and the features.

The best cameras under Rs 10000

1. Canon IXUS 190 Point and Shoot Camera

If you love to shoot or take the images, this fantastic point and shoot camera will work wonders. The features are:

• 20MP sensor

• Optical zoom

• Autofocus


• Display Size 2.7 inch

• Price is affordable

2. Sony DSC-W830/BC Point and Shoot Camera

There are some fantastic features that the camera holds, and they are:

• 20.1 MP sensor

• Optical zoom 8

• CMOS sensor

• Advanced flash feature

• Autofocus

• Affordable

3. Nikon cool pix A300

Go through the features of the camera and see if it works for you or not!

• 20.1 Mp camera

• CCD sensor type

• Anti-reflection coating

• Autofocus

• Programmed auto exposure

• Good connectivity

4. Sony DSC-W810 point and shoot camera

Just go through the specifications of this model

• Self-portrait timer

• 20.1 MP

• Optical zoom 6

• CMOS sensor type

• Max shutter speed 1/30

• Autofocus

5. Kodak Pixpro friendly zoom FZ 43s

A few features of the camera are quite attractive, and hence you should go through the same:

• 16MP sensor

• 4x optical zoom

• 2.7 LCD screen

• HD video

• 27mm wide-angle lens

With the above five options, you will be able to get an idea of how ideal the camera should be. There are many more digital cameras too, which would give you great features and so if you want, you can even do some research over them.

Buying a good camera will be like an asset, and you will be able to take it along for your travel or any other essential purpose. A good camera can always help in capturing the good camera moment. You will not have to prepare for things. Just this one thing, and you can take amazing pictures of the things that you want.

Some people prefer buying a DSLR camera. But it would become an expensive deal. Instead, a natural point and digital shoot camera can make your task super uncomplicated.

What to think of while buying a digital camera?

When you have to buy a digital camera, your primary consideration should be the following:

• The camera should be high in features, and it should help you in taking great pictures.

• It should come within your budget.

• It should not go out of trend too soon.

• It should give you complete satisfaction.

• It should be easy to operate.

• It should be good in looks and design also.

If you can figure out a camera with all the features and yet it would also be less than Rs 10000, it would be a great deal for you.

People who are not professionals should avoid a DSLR, and they should opt for a simple digital camera because it is light in weight and very easy to carry from one place to the other. A camera with amazing features can help you in making good memories in the clicks. It does not require any professional training. Just point and shoot, such easy to use are these digital cameras.

It is good to stay along with the trends because then only you will get the best choice!…